About Us


Our Mission

The Kevin & Brittany Kisner Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to creating a positive environment for children to grow into responsible adults.  Charitable Funding is provided for organizations that promote children’s fitness, health, education and opportunities to participate in sports.

Our Story


“Ever since I began my career in professional golf a personal goal has always been to establish a foundation focused on children and their well-being. Brittany and I are grateful that we have the opportunity to live in such a caring community. We want all children in the Central Savannah River Area to have the opportunity to flourish. Our mission is to support organizations that serve children in one or more of the following areas: child health, education, youth sports. “


“Kevin and I have always had a heart for children.  As our family has grown we have become even more committed to providing opportunities for children to build a strong foundation for success in life.  We are excited to partner with deserving organizations that are focused on early learning and physical and emotional health.  Together we can make a difference for our youth and our community.”